Release, dedication, dissolving, tears, pleasure, deepest relaxation  – a sensual tantric, yoni- or tao ~ massage can be a profound experience, which touches your innermost.

Sensual healing massage to balance your sexuality

To travel free from expectations to the origin of joy of life and strength, to give themselves confidently to the hands of an experienced massage therapist, is a sensual experience, which can open up new worlds of experiences.
Fears, uncertainties and past experiences can be in safe accompaniment experienced, viewed and often understood and dissolved. This creates space for an encounter with one's own, deep-felt pleasure and vitality.

Sensuality is the source to the garden of erotic feelings!

Sensuality and physicality can be experienced in natural and relaxed innocence.
Forget the time and let yourself lead into this new experience  and spoil in a special way.

Savita ~ As-safi
savita सवित activator, the one who sets in motion ~ as-safi सूर्य the healer