my Vita


My spiritual name is Savita ~ As-safi.
savita  सवित activator, the one who sets in motion ~ as-safi  सूर्य the healer

I am a searcher ~ a finder, a student ~ a teacher, I experience healing and I am healer, I love life, people and nature. To stand aside people in their personal development and to support during your healing process is the focus of my work as a massage therapist, holistic life coach and spiritual teacher. Today, I accompany and advise people in different life situations. Together with them I am happy about the positive changes and successes.


    • Since 8 years own study in the areas Sensual healing massage, hypnosis therapy, quantum clearing and holistic life coaching:
      • Healing- & Sensual touch massage (chakra-, tantra-, yoni-massage).
      • Healing psychology (healing of the relationship with oneself and others).
      • Dissolution of physical and mental blockages.
      • Spirituality, a key to development and healing.
      • Joy of life through mindfulness (spirituality in everyday life).
      • My methods: balanceYourLife, balanceYourBody, balanceYourMind & balanceYourSexuality.


  • Diploma in Physics Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
  • Wellness and massage therapist at Terramedus
  • Hypnosis Therapy at P. Abadh Kühn Berlin School of Medicine
  • Training quantum clearing
  • More than 15 years of professional experience as consultant, trainer and coach
  • Founder and owner of Bodyfit Activitystudio Offenbach
  • Wellness consultant, personal trainer and coach at the Bodyfit Activity Studio Hofheim
  • Instructor training at Les Mills
  • Wellness- and Fitnesstrainer license



I accompany and support people who are on their way to themselves. People who are looking for a way to healing or just want to relax and feel good. With me, they find the space and the security to better understand themselves and accept..

,,All we need to live happily and fulfilled is already within us!"


I approach each of my clients with great empathy and deal with a holistic approach in a very personal way.


Massage therapist, life coach & spiritual teacher