Chakra ~ massage





     Connect and open your heart chakra!   

     by arrangement*
only for women


The Chakra ~ Energy Massage helps you to perceive and feel your chakras, especially your heart and Svadhisthana (sexual) chakra. This creates the prerequisite to open and activate the seven chakras, and to let the energy flow between the chakras.

Chakras are energy centers that lie beyond the physical body along the spine, in the head and above. The Chakras influence all aspects of our body and mind. The free energy flow between the downward chakras (heart and your sexual chakra), help you to realize your ideas and dreams creatively.

„Connect your heart and svadhisthana chakra!“

This chakra massage helps you to open and activate the chakras, allowing the energy to flow more easily into your subtle bodies. In this way, new areas of perception can be opened in dealing with blockages, diseases and trauma. This can help you deal with painful emotions and wounds more consciously and resolve their causes. This chakra energymassage can contribute to your physical health, spiritual growth, and inner (self) healing. A chakra massage can be therapeutic, healing, spiritual and very enjoyable.

Enjoy a sensual journey to yourself!

A Chacra Energy Massage is designed to relax body, soul and mind. With slow, gentle and flowing massage movements, tense muscles are relaxed and the nervous system is soothed. It stimulates the metabolism and brings about a "feeling comfortable" by the soothing and relaxing effect. It stimulates the lymph system and can contribute to a strengthened immune system.

Expiry of Massage Session

The Massageroom is pleasantly warm and the light is dampened. Quiet relaxation music can accompany you in the background. This has a positive effect on your mental condition. You lie on a comfortable mattress and you're covered with a sarong. With many pleasant gentle exhalations, the circulation is promoted and toxins are transported better away. The brain messengers and happiness hormones that are poured during the massage increase your well-being. This massage is wellness for your body, mind and soul.

Get confidently without any expectations into the hands of an experienced massage therapist and enjoy a journey to yourself.

All you need is a sarong, a towel and about 60 minutes.

This massage is intended exclusively for adult women.




Chakra-Massage only for women

by arrangement*

*what's worth to you or what you can exchange with me