Tantra ~ massage!





   Your path to awakening your svadhisthana ~ chakra!

    by arrangement*
only for women

The Tantramassage is a sensual experience and a wonderful opportunity to awake the female svadhisthana-chakra. It is oriented at the wholeness of the female body and attaches particular importance to the harmonization of female energies as well as the balancing of the seven chakras.

The special construction of this tantra ritual, time, breathing and lack of intention, especially in the intimate touch, makes them emerge - these magical moments, where the woman is deeply in touch with herself. For each, these moments are different and unique.

„Awaken your svadhisthana ~ chakra and meet your heartfelt desire!“

Release, dedication, dissolving, tears, pleasure, deepest relaxation – a sensual tantric ~ massage can be a profound experience, which touches your innermost. To travel free from expectations to the origin of joy of life and strength, to give themselves confidently to the hands of an experienced massage therapist, is a sensual experience, which can open up new worlds of experiences.

„Experience joy and fulfillment on a sensual journey to yourself!“

The massage takes you through breathing and focusing on the perception of your body in a state of deep relaxation. In this state, you will feel a pleasant bond to your own body.

Expiry of Massage Session

The Massageroom is pleasantly warm and the light is dampened. Quiet relaxation music can accompany you in the background. This has a positive effect on your mental condition. You lie on a comfortable mattress and you're covered with a sarong. With many pleasant gentle exhalations, the circulation is promoted and toxins are transported better away. The brain messengers and happiness hormones that are poured during the massage increase your well-being. This massage is wellness for your body, mind and soul.

Get confidently without any expectations into the hands of an experienced massage therapist and enjoy a sensual journey to yourself. All you need is a sarong, a towel about 60 minutes.

This massage is intended exclusively for adult women!




passfoto only for women

by arrangement*

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